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What Hidden Skills And Abilities Can Shamanism Reveal For You?


Getting Ready To Descend Huayna Picchu

*Mr. Wright was interviewed by Newsweek, and AOL American Online twice about his time in Peru, and was on the cover of Sedona magazine.

Welcome To Contemporary                       Shamanism.

A Course In Shamanism® or energy work, reveals skills of increased power, clarity, decision making confidence, intuition, and better relationship.

What is shamanism? Watch this video: Go to

he Loving Process© Video:

The following is the progression of access points to success as success is defined and desired by you:

1) Do Part I A Course In Shamanism™
2) Do Part II A Course In Shamanism™
3) Simultaneously, do The Loving Process every day. This is found in chapter six, Be Bad! Do Good! How To Get What You Want In Spite Of Yourself! 
4) Read The Steel Shaman to reinforce your belief in your hidden powers of manifestation and awareness.
5) Read ONE to get very clear on how powerful you are.
6) You are more than well on your way! 

Have you ever been stuck? A Course In Shamanism Parts One and Two are designed to propel you toward your success, regardless of your goal.

Revealing skills that all successful people have used for thousands of years to enhance their lives.

Because the root of all success has always been known by the ancients.

Far beyond visualization or affirmations, this work has always been called energy work.

But this energy work has been elusive, because never before has it been communicated, in modern language, in a way that not only gives an understanding of it, but also inspires us to actually practice it.

What hidden skills would you like to uncover in yourself? The invitation is to list them!

A Course In Shamanism

A Course In Shamanism® speaks in modern language. You will be shown the "how to" access these skills and abilities so they will actually show up in your life.

Skills such as using your ability to intend something to happen, and then actually having that thing happen!

The ability to increase your confidence so that you are able to make decisions more effectively.

Skills like intuition that allows you in a very real way, to make better decisions for yourself. Decision making abilities that can only come to the forefront when you do energy work specifically designed to support you in being more confident through a dramatically expanded awareness.

So what are the areas of your life you would like to have more of the things that you really want to have happen for you?

Better Relationships? A Powerful Healing Experience? More Money? Loving Family? A Satisfying Career? A Fulfilling Life Purpose?

What would your life be like if you were able to access these and more hidden abilities and skills that allow you to manifest exactly what you desired to manifest?

Imagine. And then more than that. Take action! 

Get Inspired To Complete Your Goals

Feel free to navigate the pages of A Course In Shamanism®. Each one has been designed with you in mind. Each ancient discipline that has been written about, is presented in a way that gives you an idea of how ancient myths and examples of energy work have now been deciphered into modern language, so that you can use these practices right now.

You are invited to pick your favorite area in the buttons at the left of your homepage screen, and then discover some of these previously unknown to modern man, "how to's."

Contemporary Shamanism designed for the modern world.

Shamanism And Healing
How can shamanism, or energy work, support your healing process?
Shamanism Course
A Course In Shamanism offers an extraordinary opportunity to discover more about yourself in practical and useful-to-your-success ways.
Shamanism And Women
The female energy principle has always had an intimate relationship to shamanism. It's called balance.
Shamanism Books
Take the incredible journey that will allow you to become a Steel Shaman. It's in the book! The methods, practices, and practical processes, of The Steel Shaman.
Shamanism And Spirituality
In our societal world view, regardless of the society we live in, we have many different ways of relating to what we call "spirituality." What is the way that a shaman relates to this experience?
Shamanism And Peru
Shamanism In Peru
Shamanism And Toltec Practice
Shamanism and Toltec Practice
A Course In Shamanism Contact Form
A Course In Shamanism Contact Form
Shamanism Consulting
Shamanistic Consulting with Tom Wright. Allow in the support to align with your clarity, inner purpose, and true heart path.
Shamanism Speaking
Schedule Tom Wright to give an inspirational speech, or workshop. Create the team you've always wanted through this extraordinary and practical energy work.
Shamanism Articles
Explore These Free Articles On Shamanism
Shape Shifting
The Fundamentals Of True Shape Shifting. They May Not Be What You Think They are!
Shamanism And Healing
Testimonial Page
The Earth
Earth Page
Everyday Shamanism
What uses does Shamanism have in our everyday lives?