"I recently found myself at a crossroads, not able to break through the fear and terror of my own thoughts, Tom worked together with me and not only brought me through the terror barrier I was facing......his work also showed me how to breakthrough to the freedom and inner peace I now enjoy. I am grateful to Tom Wright for his passion to serve others by sharing his wisdom, tools, and techniques that helped me to get connected to my authentic self. Working with Tom, without a doubt changed my life." Stephanie Kathan- http://www.cranberryandsage.com

"Tom has done energy work with me when I had nowhere else to turn to. I was suffering from gout in my foot, and I was in pain. After the work he did, which I didn't at first understand, my pain began to disappear. That's when I realized that it didn't matter if I understood how it worked, just that it did. I would recommend him to anyone, anywhere, at any time. His work really works, and I'm the proof." Dave Williams.

"In April 2008 Tom Wright worked with me to heal degenerative IBS. At the time I felt scared and believed I might be dying. This healing took place on every level of my being ... physical, mental, emotional, and of course spiritual! Within days my strength returned and I have since been able to resume a completely normal life. Tom goes right past the 'monkey mind' and gets to the heart of what needs to be healed, every time. He is truly a healer!" Barbara Jefferys

"I was sitting with Tom, when he began to do his work with me. All of a sudden, in the middle of thinking about things in my life, I burst into tears, realizing a core issue that was holding me back from allowing in all the good things I so wanted. It was in the breaking through to this grief which my mind was locking in place, but my heart knew all about, that I was able to free my energy up. Tom has this way of getting directly to the 'heart' of the matter, and in getting to my heart, I have begun an incredible healing process. I thank you Tom, from the bottom of my heart." Emily Shaules www.rawbreakthrough.com

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"In September of 2009, I had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. In a panic, after how serious what the doctors said I had gone through was, I called Tom up. Immediately, I felt relief, just hearing his calm voice. He did an energy session with me right then, it only lasted ten minutes, and then he said he was going to come to the hospital to see how I was doing, and maybe do a session in person for me. Well, when I hung up the phone with Tom I felt better and so I asked the doctors to redo their tests. At first they didn't want to, but I managed to convince them. Later, by the time Tom came up to my room, I was already getting dressed, because the doctors had already okayed my release, shaking their heads, and saying they must have made a mistake. I knew they didn't. It was the healing work Tom did with me that turned everything around." Nancy M.