A Course In Shamanism© or energy work, reveals skills of increased power, clarity, decision making confidence, intuition, and better relationship.

Skills and abilities that are natural to you, and more importantly, that you already have.

Skills that all successful people have used for thousands of years to enhance their lives.

Because the root of all success has always been known by the ancients.

Far beyond visualization or affirmations, this work has always been called energy work.

But this energy work has been elusive, because never before has it been communicated, in modern language, in a way that not only gives an understanding of it, but also inspires us to actually practice it!

Why do this?

So you can use it. Right now, in your life. A Course In Shamanism© speaks in modern language. You will be shown the "how to" access these skills and abilities so they will actually show up in your life.

Skills like using your ability to intend something to happen, and then actually having that thing happen!

Abilities such as confidence so that you are able to make decisions more effectively.

Skills like intuition that allows you in a very real way, to make better decisions for yourself. Decision making abilities that can only come to the forefront when you do energy work specifically designed to support you in being more confident through a dramatically expanded awareness.

So what are the areas of your life you would like to have more of the things that you really want to have happen for you?

Better Relationships? More Money? Loving Family? A Satisfying Career? A Fulfilling Life Purpose?

What would your life be like if you were able to access these and more hidden abilities and skills that allow you to manifest exactly what you desired to manifest?


Feel free to navigate the pages of A Course In Shamanism©. Each one has been designed with you in mind. Each ancient discipline that has been written about, is presented in a way that gives you an idea of how ancient myths and examples of energy work have now been deciphered into modern language, so that you can use these practices right now. Pick your favorite area in the buttons at the left of your homepage screen, and then discover some of these previously unknown to modern man, "how to's."

A Course In Shamanism© has been designed for you and your success!

About Tom Wright:

I have never had one single "mentor" or formal teacher. I have always paid attention to many teachers, desiring to take it all in, the richness, the fullness of a life that excluded nothing. I have studied shamanism for years, and in many ways, sweat lodges, lectures, reading, vision questing, and then mostly practicing on my own. In truth, the most powerful teachers for me have been the unexpected "petite tormentors" or those who pushed my buttons to distraction. And were good at it! Kids and ex-wifes have supported me by being the hammers that forged me into someone who had to rise above the occasion of my own ego, and become who I really wanted to be, despite outside circumstances. Or because of, depending upon which way you want to look at it. For my part, I would like to look at it all thankfully, and with awe. To all those who nurtured me in this way, I give my unending and grateful appreciation.

From Part Two, A Course In Shamanism:

In the experience of fullness of human possibility, I have been challenged with having been born a shaman. With such a high resistance from the society around me that scolded me for my "imagination" I often tried, dramatically unsuccessfully, by the way, to suppress my access to The All That Is. From an early age I could see auras and threads of light that ran into infinity. And over the years I have had spontaneous out of body events, distant viewing, distant awareness, and distant hearing and seeings, as well as prescient knowings, and premonitions. I have always been able to have simple conversations with the dead, as well as being a rain shaman, who can call in the rain. Songs come to me that I sing, in the Native American language, as well as information that comes in many different languages. From that early age I have always been interested in non-ordinary reality. My past lives include being a black african shaman, a roman captain, a chicago businessman, and a samarui in ancient Japan. None of which I have ever been particularly interested in knowing about, except that that shaman past life has been particularly powerful in fulfilling my destiny. I am as well someone for whom spontaneous shape shifting one day simply became possible.

I say these things not to impress, but to instruct. The instruction is this: that none of my access to non-ordinary abilities, experiences, or events, has ever been trained into me one bit. That would mean that I was accessing them not through training, but through the truth that those abilities and skills were somehow already there. Hence, my knowledge that I was born a shaman. I would imagine, that if for me this is true, and it is, then it must be true for many others. And just because a truth is denied, resisted, or misplaced, does in no way whatsoever take away from both the truth of it, or its sheer power. Don't I know that! I tried, and failed, to do so myself, with the incredible fortune of having thoroughly lost that particular battle. I gave it all I had, but in the end, my basic nature of who I really was prevailed and now here I am, living in the fullness and the sheer awe of the gift my life itself is: rich, whole, complete, self-sufficient, and entirely self-explanatory. And the gift that any of our lives are as well.