Shamanism And Women

The relationship Shamanism, or energy work, has with earth mother is obvious. The creative force of life is what shamanism works with when we desire to manifest something from out of the void (which is a summoning and then a solidifying of energy) and the mother archetype fully represents that ability to create life itself. The principle shamanism primarily works with when manifesting, is that of the blossoming of energy, much in the same way as a tree grows. Much in the same way as we grow, one cell at a time, over time. And lastly much in the same way as the energy work we do with ourselves, so conserves our energy, that we end up growing, in physical health, in mental alignment, and in spiritual power. And in the sheer abundance of all things good.

The important point to remember when working with the principle of feminine creation, or any other principle, is that no label, even a gender label, can circumvent the way The Universe works. And how does it work? Through energy and energy alone. We often forget that it's energy, and energy alone, that creates. When desiring to create something from the void, the unique perspective of the creative force of women is the guide for that energy, and that's where the two, our energy, and our intention for our end result, blend into being one aligned power. An aligned power that allows us to manifest infinite possibilities. It should be noted that there are many guides for our energy, with the point here being that ultimately, it is us who are the guides for all of our aligned energy. As we focus it toward the direction we desire it to flow in, and all of it, it then becomes possible to grow anything. Or for us to grow into being anything.

If we are men, and we desire to manifest our hidden skills and abilities, then the masculine principle of destruction must be used wisely. For only with a true blending of both the masculine and the feminine principle of personal power, can all that needs to be done in the creation cycle be carried out by us. In that cycle, there is the masculine principle of death, or destruction, operating to clean away the past, and then the feminine principle of creation, working to bring the future into being. One without the other would produce chaos, and confusion, rather than creation. No principle is more important than the other, and that's where a true energetic perspective comes into play. Because when we look from the vast "nothing is better" than anything else because everything is energy, point of view, then we open ourselves up to the inclusion of all things in The Universe. That's when such a huge oceanic feeling of oneness is then ours. This profound knowing of oneness is the fundamental experience of creation before judgment. It is the AWE that is so often spoken about in A Course In Shamanism, and the goal of goals. To live in awe of the sacred honor it is to have been given this miracle of breathing, and in turn, the stupendous gift, of awareness itself.

The importance as men, and the importance as women, to respect each other's place in The Universe, stands in tribute to the practitioners of true Universal energy work. With each principle operating in order to form a whole cycle of birth and death, everything in-between those two states of being then becomes possible. In the customary arenas of our lives, this blending of what appear to be opposites, but are really simply different poles of creation on the energetic cycle, is necessary for balance. When balanced, our energy has a stronger launching base as we direct it toward whatever goal we seek to fulfill.

To bring the conversation into the practical, for instance, when we desire to have more money, often it is because we have overused the masculine principle of destruction, and our finances have been depleted, thereby causing in us a great desire, and a strong intention, to have more money. What needs to happen then, is balance. Our feminine creative side has to support our ego dominated masculine side in "getting off it" and doing what needs to be done (create, summon) in order to have money handled in our lives. Only with this balancing of energy, will be stop fighting ourselves in that inane tonal to tonal contest of will(s) with our own divided minds, because that's a battle that we never win. In A Course In Shamanism, the conservation of our energy, and then the directing of it toward practical goals, is undertaken in instance after instance. And it is in this total alignment, of both that which exists inside and outside of ourselves, that our vast feminine abilities to create from nothing come to the forefront. Think about ideas, they come from nothing, yet nothing is more valuable than an idea whose time has come.

With one of the most important things to remember in this creation process, and all other processes that cause manifestation, is that our focus will always be on the process of being adept with handling the process itself, in this case the process of becoming balanced, and not necessarily on the end result. This is because it is always the process that gets us our goal, not the goal itself. In this way of looking, we can see that our ability to manifest money is always with us in this process, because it is a creative power we inherently have, and in that being so, we can never lose it. This is why people who are "good with money" so often lose it all, only to get it right back again, seemingly overnight. What if we could develop a full realization and then a practice of this same personal power through the work of A Course In Shamanism? We can, and we do. Because energy is energy, and shamanism is the name for being skillful in the summoning and use of energy. All of it, and all of ourselves. And the results? They could be anything, as long as our intention has integrity, because integrity is also part of being a shaman. Anything is possible! Hail the feminine principle!