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Energy Blockage Release And Grief Healing Work

Every shaman has a particular healer's specialty, and mine is energy blockage and grief release work. Energy blockage, or being stuck, is an obvious healing. But what is grief? It is a feeling, and also an energy we keep locked in our bodies. Like other energies, when this energy is locked, tight shoulders, pains in unexplainable places, and "weak spots" can appear. These places are often the origination points for dis/ease in the body as well.

*This work I facilitate works long distance. If you use the contact form, I will get in touch with you. I work in person, as well as over the phone. Either way, holistic healing energy work is equally effective, regardless of the distance.

Release work serves as the key used to break up this locked energy, so that you can begin to disappear that particular blockage. A shaman is the "hollow bone" the messenger of relief, as Source provides the energy that, along with your agreement, makes healthy things happen. This is a return to homeostasis, or the natural balance of your body, your mind, and your soul.

Shamanism, or in specific modern terms, holistic healing work, has always entailed energy work related to healing of the body, mind, and soul. But what is this energy work, really? Simply put, it is the alignment of your entire energy envelope, the "who you are" all in one direction. For instance, if you desire to have better health, and some of your energy is going off in the direction of being sick, or worrying, or concern about not being well, then your energy is not all aligned, in its entirety, with being well. And it is only when your energy is in alignment in as complete a way as possible with your goal of health, that you then become as healthy as you can be. (Examples of this alignment are provided at the completion of this article)

This stuck energy, and the physical areas of our bodies it resides in, is something that everyone I have ever looked at energetically, has as blocks to varying degrees, even myself. I do this release work on myself at times, just to keep these blocks in check and because energy flow is the key to our health. Think about it. Our lives depend upon movement, and without energy there is no movement, and we can feel tired, worn out. This condition can be caused by energy blockage, and once that blockage is removed, our natural movement toward health can be felt.

As a client, the expectation of "instant results" must be given up, and instead, a quiet and powerful faith in outcome embraced. Only lightning happens "instantly" in this world, and even then, it took the storm a long time to build up that power! When the busy mind distraction of attachment and expectations are given up, then the client has the space for actually experiencing what does show up, including whatever experience that is actually taking place. This is what is powerful and desired. Have you ever cut yourself and listened to your body weave its way back together again? No? That's because it's extraordinarily difficult to do that, you have to be very, very, quiet. It's no different for energy work. Quiet the mind, become aware of your energy, and you will feel what's going on in your own body related to healing.

The word "grief" is specifically used to describe some of this freed energy, because often when being worked with, people experience how much they have held themselves back through this stuckness, they then express deep, freeing, grief. The feel how much they have held themselves back from doing what is their destiny, or heart-path to do in this lifetime.

When seeing energy directly in people's bodies, how it is stuck, the colors, and the density of it, I work to get directly to the core of what's going on with you. I thank Great Spirit for having been allowed this skill, and am absolutely grateful for being able to offer this service to you.

Please note as a disclaimer, I do not profess to be a "doctor" in any way, shape, or form. Nor do I practice "medicine." I work with energy. If you feel the need to pursue whatever medical path you feel the need to pursue, I always invite you to do so. I do not tell people what their path should be, or should not be, I only offer the work I do and have seen its positive effects enough times to be absolutely confident in it.

Please use the online contact for to contact me about doing work designed specifically for you. Contact Form Since I work with energy, and not beliefs, this work does not interfere with any known belief system whatsoever. In fact, for those beliefs you resonate with, my work will strengthen your relationship to them.

What Shamanism, or the practice of energy work, can do for you, is to support you in having all of your energy available and aligned in the same direction. In this case, that would be the direction of wellness. Through a series of exercises much like reaching up into a fruit tree and paring back the branches that are dying, or not bearing fruit, energy work allows you to put a stop to those energy drains that are of no use to you anymore. One of those drains might simply be worrying about getting sick, or being angry. Once a drain is unplugged, so to speak, then the energy you once devoted to keeping that negative influence maintained, can then be used to maintain something else quite different. In this case, your great health!

How exactly, does the practice of Shamanism accomplish this shift? Easy. Through the introduction of non-ordinary reality experiences, or your exposure to events, experiences, and energies, that you have not been acquainted with before, both your mind and your energy envelope itself, literally begin to expand in space. It is in that new mind space where you can begin to program in new information, such as a real belief in the fact that you can actually be as well as you desire to be. And it is in this newly expanded energy envelope, where you can acquire the energy and inspiration to power up these new beliefs and experiences of wellness. When the energy that you used to use maintaining that old belief in sickness is realigned toward a new belief in wellness, the body has to follow suit. The mind always directs the body, never the other way around, regardless of how it may in any one moment seem to be working.

One example of an introduction of non-ordinary reality that expands your mind's ability to allow in new experiences, such as outstanding health, or increased finances, is to be immersed within breakthrough work that restores your confidence in actually being worthy of having what you want. I have studied and practiced breakthrough work for well over fifteen thousand hours, and incorporate this work with the mind with a connection to body through energy work, so that the two are working in unison; your body and mind as one. And in A Course In Shamanism, you are coached to be right there with something new to insert within that opened up space, and there you go! The addition of a confidence and belief in prosperity could be exactly what you desire to fill up that space with. And the results of confidence and a strong belief in prosperity, are so often talked about, by so many people, that the demonstrations are nearly proverbial at this point. Your demonstrations.

This shift in energy alignment can be designed to benefit the body, the mind, and the soul. In each case, the process is the same, with only the intended result being changed. The wonderful thing about this work is that once you begin to achieve balance in any area first, the end result always has positive benefits for all other areas of your life, including your finances! Healthy people are able to manifest more, because their energy is greater. The more energy devoted to any task, including the manifestation of whatever good you desire, the more of that good manifests in real time and space.

If you delve into the practices of the ancient Toltecs, or ancient Chinese medicine, energy work is often talked about and there's a good reason for that. It's because aligning your energy toward your good simply works. In Tai Chi, the life force, or human energy envelope called Chi, is always worked with through physical movement that continually expands that envelope, so that both energy and personal power increase. And remember, energy, health, well-being, and personal power are not a function of body type or strength. You don't need big muscles or huge body mass in order to be outstandingly healthy. And, you can even be healthy with those things too!

This is true energy work, or Shamanism. Where once elaborate ritual and secret practices were used as distractions to this basic turning of your energy toward what you want, and away from what you don't want, (distractions that were necessary because of the mind's resistance to anything new) now in modern terms, we can practice this valuable process without the secrecy. We are free to do our energy work without the need for deliberately initiated secrecy and mystique, which was at times, an energy drain itself. Let's just get to the point: our wellness in all areas of our lives!

Life is mysterious and powerful enough, self-explanatory and self-sufficient in and of itself, and totally exciting without the need for deliberate secrecy, or unproductive practices. Now, as modern practitioners, we don't require distractions any more as much as processes that lead to our well-being in all areas of our lives. Good health and the way to reach it shouldn't be a secret, but a birthright to be enjoyed by all. All of the most efficient practices and processes that lead directly to your best health in body, mind, and soul, can be found and used within the context of A Course In Shamanism. Here's to your journey!

As an addendum to description of the shamanistic energy work that I do, which addresses the body directly, and gets to the energetic heart of the matter to free stuck energy, I also use my skills as a seminar leader as well, having over fifteen thousand hours of breakthrough training and facilitation, which addresses the mind, beliefs, and thoughts. In this way of The Steel Shaman, the complete connecting of body and mind frees the spirit to pursue the life path of health and joy it was always meant to live. This way of inclusion is the way of The Steel Shaman, or one who uses any and all means at their disposal, all in the name of manifesting a whole, complete, and powerful life through Divine Love. This work can be done in person, or long distance via the phone, or even via Skype. The Steel Shaman only desires to manifest that which comes through Divine Love, which has no limits, is all inclusive, and does not ever deny or block out any successful means as long as it is done through Divine Love.

Examples Of Client Experiences

There have been so many thousands of breakthroughs I have seen happen regarding holistic energy work, or shamanism, in my practice over the years. Remember, I do nothing, it is Great Spirit that facilitates all this work. I am simply the hollow bone through which Source can flow. Here are a few different kinds of reported experiences that Great Spirit has allowed me to personally witness:

"In September of 2009, I had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. In a panic, after how serious what the doctors said I had gone through was, I called Tom up. Immediately, I felt relief, just hearing his calm voice. He did an energy session with me right then, it only lasted ten minutes, and then he said he was going to come to the hospital to see how I was doing, and maybe do a session in person for me. Well, when I hung up the phone with Tom I felt better and so I asked the doctors to redo their tests. At first they didn't want to, but I managed to convince them. Later, by the time Tom came up to my room, I was already getting dressed, because the doctors had already okayed my release, shaking their heads, and saying they must have made a mistake. I knew they didn't. It was the work Tom did with me that turned everything around." Nancy M.

“I was just about to give up on having the gout in my right foot clear up, when I met Tom. I asked him about it, and he said that he could do some energy work on it. Well, without much fanfare, and without waving any magic wands, Tom went to work in his way that he does, and within a few days I began to have the pain stop. Then, after about two weeks, my gout cleared up completely and hasn’t been back since. I have no idea what he did, but I do know that it worked.” David W.

"I was working with Tom on many issues, and it just happened to be when I was sitting with him, while having my car fixed. In the middle of releasing many deep things I hadn't even known I was holding onto, the mechanic came out and told me that the bill was going to come to five hundred and fifty dollars. Well, I didn't have that money, so I started to cry. I tried to hide my feelings from Tom, but by now I knew you just can't do that around him. He saw what I was doing and was laughing! His smile just wouldn't let me stay at the dark place I was at, and I asked him what was going on. He then did a brief energy session with me, only a few seconds, and then told me that he knew that everything was going to be alright. That's when I had a deep feeling of trust in him, and right then knew everything was alright. Well, by the time they had finished looking at my car in that same ten minutes, they came into the showroom and told me that they just found out that my work was under warranty from work they had done within six months ago, and that it was all going to be done free! I was amazed and relieved. Thank you, Tom." Emily S.

I was working with a woman who said that her relationship with her mother was so bad, that she hadn't talked to her in over thirty-four years. She said that that was one of the reasons that she was so angry, and what had landed her in jail. I did some brief energy work with her, and within a week she had called me back and told me that she had used what I had told her, and now she was establishing a relationship with her mother after all that time. I was so impressed with her efforts!

“I always like to experience my guest’s service before I bring them on my radio show. When Tom Wright gave me the affirmation “I am getting richer and richer all the time," I was very excited when I starting attracting abundance in different areas of my life. Within hours I started finding money in unexpected places. Within 1 day, I attracted a gift of 2 love seats for my family room. Two weeks later, I attracted going on national TV, I attracted becoming a chapter in someone’s upcoming book, I attracted being mentored by a TV producer to have my own national TV show, and I attracted getting national exposure in a Canadian health magazine. Tom is a gift to many people. This is a man who walks his talk, and knows his stuff! Keep up the great work you do Tom.” – Sue London, Radio Host, Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master

"Working with Tom can easily be life-changing. He is an amazing conduit to enabling your body to open to its energy blockages and/or secrets that is holds - if you are ready, willing and able. Our session was extremely revealing, an experience that will take many wonderful weeks to fully absorb. Ready for change? Get together with Tom Wright, he was definitely the right person for me at the right time." Roberta Binder

In these, and thousands of other reported experiences I was there as a channel for the energy of Great Spirit. I make certain that when I do energy work with people, that they know that I am not doing it, that Source is doing the work, I am merely directing the gift of the energy of The All That Is. I hold the space of certainty, the knowing that all is already well, and that the requested experience has already taken place, whether in body, mind, spirit, soul, or circumstances. I merely know. Source does all the rest. And since we are all one, Source also does all the "knowing" leading me to merely be there as the face that tells people the truth of their lives, in whatever area of their lives they have the need to have a breakthrough within.

Shamanism And Healing

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