Chapter six from the book Be Bad! Do Good! How To Get What You Want In Spite Of Yourself!

You have to just love being BAD! BAD! Banish All Disdain!

"God doesn't have to change so that Source can finally notice us. It's we who have to change so that we can see the Infinite within us. No matter how many times, or in how many ways, we seek out the solution that will unlock how to do that, the solution will always remain the same. Love is the answer."

The Loving Process© I

In all of life, there is only one primary process at the root cause of every positive and abundant manifestation in our lives. It's called The Loving Process©. To those who are of practical mindsets, this truth does not mean that this is all there is to do, but rather, that doing this process successfully in some way has always been the root cause of everything good and abundant in our lives. Rest assured that there will be other processes for other reasons, and other things to learn and to do. Always. Life never stops being fascinating.

This process-if it is your choice to be increasingly more abundant in all things good-needs to be done daily. Doing The Loving Process© thoroughly once a day will yield enough miracles that you just might feel like doing it more than once a day. In fact, you just might feel like doing it all the time you can. Remember too, that the mind, The Predator, will attempt to keep you from doing it, with fears of not having enough time, or worries about lack of energy, or the sudden decline in your willpower, or some fear of some lack of some thing somewhere. Or It might come at you with sheer boredom. Where once we always had time to listen to It, maybe now it's time to listen to something else. That would be our hearts. To quite literally spend our life essence on things other than the worries our negative mind default system would have our life energy be used for. Time for us to choose now. Time for us to be BAD! and Banish All Disdain!

The Loving Process© II

In the beginning, lay down on your back in bed, or on a comfortable couch. Further on in this practice, you can be anywhere in any relatively comfortable position, even walking around, and still do this process. Some people like to do it while looking at themselves in a mirror. For now, in order to let its message soak in deeply, the invitation is to lay down.

The way to begin The Loving Process© is to find any area of your body whatsoever that you already have feelings of love about. For some, it's their eyes. For others, it's their calves. It doesn't matter. Every single person on the planet has at least one area of their body that they experience love for. Good. Now as you lay there, concentrate on that area and the feelings you have associated with it. As you feel that love, begin to expand that feeling to the next, and then the next area of your body, expanding upon your experience every time you do The Loving Process© until you feel that same loving way about your entire physical body.

Good. Once you've done that first part of The Loving Process©, then the next thing to do is to simply expand upon it. You can do this expansion in whatever way resonates with you. The invitation here is to start at the bottoms of your toes then go all the way up to the top of your head, and then for every single body part you have, one by one, for every feeling you feel, for every thought that comes to mind, for every inner space or place you can be in or find during this process, say to yourself "I experience love for you. I now feel that love, I now experience that love.”

Take the time to really feel your love. Tell the truth about that love for that part of your body. This is the ‘tell the truth now, tell the truth later’ process. As are all processes within A Course In Shamanism.

Begin with your physical body. Start with that part you first chose, it could be the nail on your big toe. Say, "I love my toenail on my big toe." Then, purposely allow yourself to experience your love for it, your real, in the moment love. Then begin to generate as many good feelings about that nail, your nail, as you can. That's it. Then move onto another body part, until you have expanded that already existing experience of love (in this case, for the nail, whatever body part you started this process experiencing love for) so that you love up on each and every part of your entire body system, from underarm glands, to pancreas, kidneys and liver, to eyeballs and eyebrows, and then everything in between. Say either out loud, or to yourself, "I love you" (and then mention that part specifically while seeing a picture of its perfection in your mind) . . . and then feel as good about what you love as you can. Smiling while doing this process also supports you in generating these good feelings. Laughing also works well.

When you are done with your physical body, then go on to your feelings. Say, "I love the way I feel when I feel this way . . . " Love your feelings. They would include anger, love, hate, prejudice, bliss, joy, happiness, any and all feelings possible. No body part, no feeling, no belief, no thought, no thing in your experience it is possible for you to be aware of, should be left out of The Loving Process©.

When you are done with your feelings, go to the phrases that normally run around in your head. Say, "I love that thought!" Then on purpose, generate as many loving feelings about that thought as possible. Do this for each and every thought that comes up for you. You just may find that you do love all of your thoughts, and always have. Even if you prefer not to have those particular thoughts anymore. They have been part of you, and you had at one time identified with them as you. Whether you are completely aware of it or not, at any one moment in time, you do love yourself.

As you begin loving yourself this much, you may find that you always have loved all of you. Once you recognize this truth, what happens is that you will no longer resist any part of you, and what you no longer resist, will no longer persist. We usually resist those parts of ourselves that we deem negative, and so through resisting, we insure their continued existence. For instance, once we stop resisting anger, and tell the truth about it, it begins to diminish in power. The Loving Process© then, makes it easier to shift our energy away from feeding it to what we do not prefer, onto what we do prefer. We become literal shape shifters adept at shifting into the shapes love determines, and those shapes are always ones of the absolute abundance of all things good.

You are invited to think about why The Loving Process© works so well, in this way. What can you not love about yourself, when every thought, every feeling, every body part, every single one, no matter what the motivation behind it or the cause of it, was made out of you. That's right, because quite literally, every one of your thoughts, feelings, or body parts, was made from a small part of your very life essence and energy. You! How can any one of them not be you?! Point is, they are all of you, as much as you are all Source. And all Source is, is love.

In the beginning, this process may take a while. Give yourself that time. That's the invitation. The suggestion. Simply take the time. I always tell people when they ask how long to do it, “Do it until you get the result you want.” Period. Do The Loving Process© until you get the result you want. Then, once you have The Loving Process© down fairly well, you can repeat it as you go about working or playing during your day. Or during your night. There will be times when you will find yourself doing something else other than generating loving feelings, yet in between each and every one of those activities there is plenty of time to do The Loving Process©. Where once The Predator dominated and controlled our time with feelings and thoughts of negativity, now we are going to manage our time and energy by loving choice. The loving choice to be abundant and joyful always, and in all ways.

Because joy, or empowerment is a choice. The same things may or may not happen in our lives, and each time we have two choices. To have the experience of those events empower us, or to have the experience of those events disempower and depress us. Same events to experience, very different choice. The choice to be empowered doesn’t change the experience, it changes us. As well as how we interpret all the experiences that happen around us from that point of choice.

To be in the experience of a loving immersion of self in this way, without words, without having to do anything else for the time you are generating loving feelings about yourself, will further the completion of your goals more than anything else you can think of doing. This is not to say that there won't be other actions to take as well. That goes without saying! However, more than anything else, The Loving Process© can further your progress toward beginning to use your full potential in the fastest, most loving way possible, and then it's onwards and upwards from there, one more percent at a time. Now that's pretty BAD! Banish All Disdain!

The Loving Process© III

Whatever the Loving Process© seems like to you, the invitation here is to spend some of your precious life energy being willing to give up your judgments about it, and for the first few days, simply practice doing it. This practice isn't going to take any more of your time than you are using already, doing whatever you are already doing. (Or in reality, what has been doing you. The Predator. That which eats up our precious life essence, time, and energy, for powering up Its fear based purposes, not our love-based ones.) In fact, you will find after a while, when you are at the point of going about accomplishing your day more and more easily, that the most frustrating part of being in the experience of this in-the-flow loving is having to learn how to manage the abundant amount of extra time you seem to have suddenly manifested. The suggestion? Do more of The Loving Process©, discover your life path-with-heart, and then follow that path with all that you be, do, and have. You will find out what you need to be doing. Because you already know. Great!

Go on now, and do The Loving Process© and in all ways, always, be as BAD! as you can be, and do Good! Then get what you truly want in spite of yourself! (Or, having made the shift into being truly BAD!, get what you want because of yourself, or in other words, by being cause of yourself!) You go! You are great! You are now truly one with being BAD! Banish All Disdain! And as you practice flowing with love and sharing your love, it will seem as if those around you are shifting into being who they really are as well, because the greatest Truth of all, is that what we give out, we live out. We all certainly deserve to experience this much love.

One note: The reason why The Loving Process© works so well is this. It’s also the reason why the ‘tell the truth now, tell the truth later’ method is the only one ever done in A Course In Shamanism. It’s because a lie cannot be expanded upon. A lie doesn’t exist, because that which it points to, doesn’t exist. And what doesn’t exist, cannot be expanded upon. A thousand times zero is still zero. Only the truth can be expanded upon. Because truth points to something that actually does exist. Only that which exists can be expanded upon. Hence, the reason why we start with a real, in the moment, experience you have loving one part of your body, which you already feel love for. And then all we do after that, is to expand upon that truth. Because……it works!

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