A Course In Shamanism: The Course

A Course In Shamanism consists of three parts. The first part of your course supports you in freeing up the total amount of energy you have. This newly freed energy then allows you access to non-ordinary experiences that open up hidden skills and abilities that are already existing inside of you, and always have been. One of those abilities could be to manifest money through action! Or to achieve greater health. Or any of the more traditional shamanistic abilities such as distant viewing. Through faithfully following the invited practice, you will get your daily routine so clear, and so clean, that any ability or skill of choice will have the room to grow within you. And that's the point of A Course In Shamanism and the invited practices, everything is done by invitation only. One of those additions of choice could be the habit of being more successful, regardless of the career you are working in. Or to simply have more money come into your life. Or more profound relationships. In all cases, it's your choice as to what particular skills or things you decide to manifest.

How does this new habit happen? Through doing the processes and practices you are given in A Course In Shamanism. Each process is laid out with clear steps you can take, as your desire to move forward toward your goal completion increases over time. And increase it will. For instance, you will learn how to communicate fully and responsibly through The Communications Process, like you've never communicated before. What does this have to do with success and energy work? Through freeing the energy you have now committed to holding back communications, you then have the option of deciding just what to use this newly released energy for. How about for your success! Or how about devoting all of your now aligned energy to being well? Profound healings have taken place through this work. In each case, it's your voice, your choice.

In part one you are beginning the process that will take the rest of your life to enjoy, because your expansion into success and good health doesn't ever have to end. But like pushups, you have to do them every day, in order to keep your muscles growing. The same is true with energy work. In order to keep your energy flowing, you have to keep on opening yourself up to more and more good coming into your life, every day. This is the reason it takes three parts to complete the course. This is also the reason that the course isn't done overnight. None of the habits we are shifting our energy from were adopted by us overnight, so it stands to reason that it will take some time to get used to a new way of being. Your new way of being.

The outlined tasks of each section are not going to be like doing one pushup, and then for the rest of your life you have exercise handled! Each day, and in every circumstance, you have to apply these principles and processes, and use them for yourself. Nobody else can do that for you. Participants often ask me "how many times do I have to do The Senses Process?" And I always answer the same way. "As many times as you need to, in order to get the result you want." I have had to repeat my inner silence work thousands of times, and at times it can be grueling, but it's always rewarding. Anyone who has the belief in "instant shamanism" has somehow acquired a self-defeating concept. We have been for so long, so trained away from our connection with All That Is, that it just may take a while for us to polish that connecting link back up to full function again. The invitation? Give yourself that time.

Please note that each section is a PDF file that you get immediately, and can print out. Only section three, which is done here in Asheville, is a live event.

Part One A Course In Shamanism

Table Of Contents


4) Introduction

10) Disclaimer: Please Read Before Beginning Any Processes Or Practices

11) Chapter One: The Eleven Elements Of Shamanistic Practice

38) Chapter Two: Adopting The Loving Process©

50) Chapter Three: Adopting A Life Purpose

63) Chapter Four: Taking A Stand For Our Lives

67) Chapter Five: Fully Communicating

92) Chapter Six: Giving Up Complaining

115) Chapter Seven: Giving Up Judgments

128) Chapter Eight: Telling The Truth Externally And Internally

140) Chapter Nine: Cleaning Up Our Integrity

148) Chapter Ten: Making Amends

157) Chapter Eleven: Giving Up Self-Importance

167) Chapter Twelve: The Key-Serving

175) Chapter Thirteen: The Gateway-Beginnings Of Inner Silence

189) Chapter Fourteen: Two Kinds Of Knowing And The Telling Of Our Stories

Part Two A Course In Shamanism

Part Two of A Course In Shamanism involves not only the experiential expansion of your energy envelope, but now you are going to take a journey to the literal expansion of what your physical abilities really are. Distant hearing, distant viewing, prescient knowings, and all manner of physical extentions of what we ordinarily do in our everyday reality, will be opened up for you as you practice. In opening ourselves up to these experiences, we work to have our energy envelope expand, and in that extra room which never goes away, we can then fill it up with anything we desire. Since most people desire better lives, they usually use A Course In Shamanism to guide them into filling up that new space with positive beliefs, supportive thoughts, and awe inspiring feelings. All items that increase your success, starting from you particular point of consciousness.

There is an option to use the work as a lone practitioner, or to do the work in group. The invitation is to expand in group, because the effect of your increasing success just moves faster for you when you are involved with other people who are aligned with what you are doing. And when you are aligned with what they are doing too!

Table Of Contents



Disclaimer: Please Read Before Beginning Any Processes Or Practices

Chapter One: Distant Viewing Practice

Chapter Two: Distant Hearing Practice

Chapter Three: Entering The Gate Of Perception

Chapter Four: Talking To The Dead

Chapter Five: Teleportation

Chapter Six: Prescient Practice

Chapter Seven: Calling In The Rain

Chapter Eight: Asking For Songs

Chapter Nine: The Out Of Body Awareness

Chapter Ten: Gathering The Energy Of Intention

Chapter Eleven: Animal Totems, Stars, Signs, And Omens

Chapter Twelve: Shape Shifting

Chapter Thirteen: Completion And Where To Go From Here


Part Three A Course In Shamanism

Part three, which is recommended only for the advanced practitioner, having gone over and completed parts one and two of A Course In Shamanism, goes far beyond the physical extention of our reality, and right into accessing The Infinite. Call that Infinite reality Source, The All That Is, or The Nagual, it cannot be explained, only experienced. This is where, in modern language, you get to hook your own power of intention, with the Power Of Intention of the energy of The Universe Itself that is flowing all around you, and that's when anything is possible. Here the deeper spiritual aspects of Shape Shifting, Trust, and the full opening up of the Doors Of Human Perception are practiced. Part three is not for the faint of heart.

Note: Part three can only be done in Asheville, NC, in person with Tom during the retreats held each year to accommodate practitioners of A Course In Shamanism.

Please note: This part of the seminar can only be run if there are a minimum of ten participants available. If ten are not available, then the course will not be run that particular year. Phone consultations will always be available all year long in reference to facilitating Part III if ten participants are not available.


Alan Shoemaker

Alan Shoemaker

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