Science And The Non-Ordinary

Let's begin this discussion with the one fact that is never going to be disputed by anyone: Life is mysterious, powerful, and magical, and the sheer gift of our awareness is cause for huge appreciation and reason for being in awe. Or, this fact could be disputed by anyone! Either way, if you choose one way of being over the other as the way to live your life, one will bring you power and joy, and the other despondency and feelings of powerlessness. Regardless of what anyone "believes" the truth to be, truth is, I would always choose the preference of power and joy! Why? Why, because it feels better than the other alternative. And that's the point. There are always only two alternatives in any crossroads choice; one that will lead you to more personal power and that which feels good, and one that will lead you away from personal power and onto that which feels bad. You know which one I would choose!

Now the debate over science versus intuition. Ah, the debate rages, doesn't it? Is intuition "real?" Does science prove anything? Science believes it "proves" this or that, and while since the reach of science is incapable of "proving" intuition, therefore, it is eruditely and scientifically "proven" not to exist. Wait a minute! Something doesn’t exist, because science is unable to register it on its rather limited oscilloscopes? Wow. Thanks for telling me that, but, no thanks to that one! The human energy envelope is quite capable of registering phenomena that are way beyond the reach of machines to register, and each one of these are quite real events. Don't think so? Okay, show me your "happiness-o-meter" the one that registers and charts exactly how happy you are, and then can tell you what to do about that. What? It's a machine that doesn't exist? Does that mean that happiness doesn't exist? Wow. Tell that to my smile! With the point being, that as a bridge, The Steel Shaman doesn't use faulty and foolhardy logic, and out of hand summarily discount anything. Because for what science does, it does, and for what intuition does, it does. But to try and use one world to prove or disprove another world, is beyond ludicrous, and borders, no exactly mimics, what religions try to do with each other. Read that: humans.

Okay, one branch of reality, science, does this. The other branch of reality, intuition, does that. Great. What's the debate? One exists within the world of the ego, or the tonal, and that is science. It is the world of force, of our human urge to dominate and control nature. To categorize and chart ad infinitum. That's just the way it is, and the value of doing so has benefited every one of our lives. We know how to purify water, stitch up our bodies, and take aspirin when we have a headache. No problem there! In the world of intuition, or non-ordinary reality, it is the world of the Nagual, The All That Is, all effect and no cause. It is the world of energy, power, and inner silence. It is everything else, that science is not. And even science has to admit that there are things which it is not, because in the world of reason, it is Law! And again, no problem there, either. Why then, do we work so hard to prove or disprove one or the other, when there is really no reason other than fear for doing so? Fear that by having one world be recognized as powerful, that it must mean that the other world is somehow invalidated. Invalidated? In a Universe that is limitless, where nothing, by virtue of the fact of that limitless nature of reality, can be invalidated at all? Oh, we can feel that way, but that still doesn't mean that invalidation is actually real. Again, how on earth could it be? Point is, it cannot be.

So why waste energy trying to discount the other branch, when they both do their job, and quite well, and truth is, neither one of their jobs usually overlaps all that much. Except that nowadays, when you delve deeply enough into Quantum Physics, those scientists marveling at the majesty and miracle of reality, sound more like metaphysicians than anyone else! And on the other hand, nowadays Metaphysicians are busy trying to sound "scientific" hence the trend toward "laws" of the Universe when speaking about affirmations, visualizations, and "creating" your stuff. With all this hullabaloo over just about everything, what's happening is it's all blending into the Oneness it all already is, anyway, so why fight the trend toward the realization of Ultimate Reality? Why fight it?

To back up a bit, science is in the realm of "ordinary" reality, while intuition, or what we do with shamanism, or energy work, works mostly in the realm of "non-ordinary" reality. Notice the word usage though, because both are spoken of as realities! Why not use each reality for what they are, to our advantage, and stop debating about which is "real." How about, they're both real, and they both occur within this reality too, by the way. There's the reality of tying your shoes, and eating dinner. And the reality, where by the way, when in the past I got cut deeply enough, I ran to the ER and had a doctor sew my flesh up. I wasn't arguing about "ordinary versus non-ordinary" reality then! And I would not do so now. Each has its value, and each has its own domain. And it is in understanding exactly what that domain is, without the expectation that suddenly one will become the other, where our true ability to be aware and pay attention to all that's happening around us comes into fruitful play.

What's fruitful play? It's when we use the advantages within each realm to enhance that realm, and other realms as well by the way. It's when we use the expansion of our energy envelope through those experiences of non-ordinary reality, which can't be proven by "science" and fill it up with more awareness and more unconditional love. Read that: awe. It's when we use that awareness to garner in abundance in this reality, so that we live lives of wealth and joy, traveling where we would like to go, feeding those who are not in touch with their ability to so manifest, and living in awe of the gift each one of our lives are regardless of who or what any one of us are in that moment. To live in joy with those manifestations that science can "prove." Money in the bank, fed people, and plane tickets to Sri Lanka for starters! Gas it up and get it going, we're on our way! And the oscilloscopes prove it. Thank God for pilots, planes, and prosperity!

And in turn, these experiences within the realm of "ordinary" reality--a term which I despise because no reality, given the sheer gift of our awareness and human lives, is ever "ordinary" but be that as it may, it's the term we are stuck with--can serve to enhance our experience of "non-ordinary" reality as well. Because when you become adept at reason/science/ordinary reality, it can also follow that you become more adept at experiencing and becoming more adept at intuition/energy work/non-ordinary reality. That is, if you follow the lifestyle invited for you to live in A Course In Shamanism and become a true Steel Shaman; one who not only walks between the worlds, but as well, honors them all. And why not do that? Why not go ahead, without debate, and honor the magic and miracles that science has come up with, use what's valuable to you, and ignore the rest?

It's no different in energy work. There's plenty of static, noise, and useless energy wasting hullabaloo and debates over meaningless trivia out there in both realms, science and intuition, that it just makes plain good sense to take what's of use to you for the enhancement of your life, and then simply drop the debate about all the rest. Because when you are truly living your life, with all the happiness that science cannot make appear on a single one of its scopes, protected by airbags in your new car, following your intuition down a tarmac road laid by all the newest scientific advances in highway production machinery and technology, riding along to new adventures, who cares who's right and who's wrong. You're smiling, aren't you? No debate there!