Swept up against his will as a child in an illegal body snatch, Nyk Lynes has been trained to be a Keeper. His only job: to bring back the recently killed from The Time. The recently killed rich or famous, that is. For a price, immortality can be gained above ground in New New Haven, but not anywhere below the city for seventy levels burrowed into the earth, as seventy million other citizens live out their lives always pushing toward the light they have been denied. As if living at the top of the barrel of a loaded gun waiting for the trigger to be pulled, the boiling forces of their lives are all held together in delicate balance by the twenty lane thoroughfare called the Spiral that circles the city, and then dives down into the earth all the way to the last level, Z-lev., where the lowest diezens of the deep who push up the hardest, the Bugs, call home. It is a wet, dark, and forbidding place, where the most deformed of those who have been damaged by the Keepering process have been forced to carve out their lives.

Keepers begins right in the middle of a Keepering process, where Nyk is trying to save the memories of Barbara Daniels, as he works with his partner Betty, in their struggle to reanimate her body. But as each question is asked and then answered in what should have been a routine process, a huge web of deceit and danger is slowly unraveled. Unknown to Nyk, Daniel's killer is soon to weave him, along with a z-leveller known only as Bug, and Betty together in a web of desperate intrigue that will test their skills of survival to the limit. What Nyk doesn't know yet could kill him; that the mysterious killer called only by The Wolf who he has been tracking up and down the Spiral for the last five years is his man. Or creature to be more exact. Shape shifting. Holistic Drug Infusion. Keepering. The same process that transformed Bug into who he is, is the same one that The Wolf has used to elude capture.

Slowly, as Daniel's Keepering process reveals more and more dangerous information to him, Nyk is drawn into the dark world of The Wolf and his unwitting accomplice, Mayor Holcombe, a world which reaches from the highest levels of New New Haven all the way down to the Z, until the Keeper must decide exactly which side to stand on; Bug's or Holcombe's. Gold or grime, it's his call.

The race is on as a conspiracy orchestrated by The Wolf, and precipitated by the series of events leading to Daniel's killing, sets Mayor Holcombe and Nyk at odds for bodily control of every one of New New Haven's inhabitants, literally. If Nyk and his partners don't unravel that web, then the magnetic field generated by the Spiral itself will be used to take over the physical functions of over seventy-million people, in a twisted gambit to gain complete dominion over everything that exists within the city, from money to mandibles. It's the ultimate bid for the ultimate conquest, and the one question to ask is; can Nyk trust Bug, a Z-leveller, long enough for them to work together to save New New Haven? Will Nyk even survive this strange partnership with such powerful resources pitted against him? Who will even believe them, when it's New New Haven's most prominent citizens who are their adversaries?

Up and down the Spiral from above ground to the Z, Nyk, Betty, and the Bug chase the Wolf, always staying just one step behind, until the one pivotal moment in the battle when the Keeper realizes that the key to his success is contained within his relationship with his partner Betty, who he has not been able to bring himself to get close to in any meaningful way. But until the information and power that will be gained when their Keepering energies are combined along with the secret Bug knows, then the fate of New New Haven will continue to hang in the balance. It's a little matter of trust, and unless Nyk can find a way to let go more than he has ever done before in his jaded and chaotic life, than seventy million citizens stand to lose control of their lives. Keepers is a story of loyalty, honor, and how that illusory thing called the truth can exist, in even the most surprising of places. Even as far down in the dank darkness as the Z...