From The Unknown To The Known

Tom Wright

There is a path of knowledge whereby information can flow from that which is unknown, into that which is known. This flowing causes an inspiring vitality to be felt, the likes and depths of which is so overwhelming, that you might say it is the only true satisfaction that is ever experienced by human beings. This path is one which is customarily described as from "non-ordinary reality" into "ordinary reality" with the observation that the term "reality" is applied to both described states. In holding the two states within this inclusive world view, the discussion then goes from "what's real" and "what's not real" to one of "what's now real" in this here and now, and "what's becoming real" now, in this here and now. What then becomes possible out of the solidification of energy from the unknown into the known is infinite.

Better make your list of wants out now then! Because once you begin to master this flow, all manner of manifestations into this particular "ordinary" reality we now live in, become possible. And make no mistake about one thing: every reality, whether "ordinary" or "non-ordinary" is stupendous, miraculous, and the mere existence of our awe inspiring ability to be awake, alive, and aware of, any reality, is a profound and sacred experience. With the invitation being to face wherever you are with a sense of profound and appreciative awe. Awe, which is the experience of experiences, is only gained through the deliberate and continual generation of an experience of ever-expanding unconditional love which then forms the space within which an ever-increasing awareness can be nurtured. This would be to have an awareness of the gift of the might and majesty that merely breathing is for each and every human being who exists. It is the primal state of being that a true *Steel Shaman consistently elicits in each and every moment of his day and night, while alive. Alive! Think of it! We know not where our awareness comes from and we know not where it goes, but nonetheless, here we are. Because in truth, no reality is ever "ordinary" at all. There is only now, regardless of wherever you are, and in this now moment, well, we're alive!

Why have this conversation at all? Because the sheer pain and suffering that we both create for ourselves and that we endure, at the also disillusioned hands of others who are not in touch with their gift of life to the point of awe either, is astounding and utterly and entirely unnecessary. No one in a condition of awe ever hurts either themselves, or others. Violence of any kind just isn't possible, when a person is being guided by their appreciation of their own lives. And the one state of being that opens up more doorways of perception, manifestation, and satisfaction, more than any single other one is just this state of the continual generation of the experience of unconditional love and its companion effect of an ever-expanding awareness, that we are calling: awe.

*A Steel Shaman is an energy practitioner diligently practicing this flow of energy from the unknown (or the not yet manifested, yet possible to create with flow of energy) into the known (or that which has solidified into form from the unknown.) I know, a lot of words and a lot to think about. From the book of the same name: The Steel Shaman. As well, a Steel Shaman is also a practitioner, or someone who is diligently practicing the processes and procedures found within the guidelines of A Course In Shamanism:

What manner then, of "into form" manifestations are then possible for a human being? If you look at anything that anyone has ever done, then multiply that list by a hundred-thousand fold for everyone you have never met or heard about, who has also done this kind of creating, you would still only have a partial list of possibilities for humans being. Obvious possibilities such as wealth, money, career, relationship, joy, satisfaction, love, compassion, and all manner of increased awareness and everything else we have ever heard about regarding both "ordinary" and "non-ordinary" experiences. Sounds like a rich and full life of fulfillment and satisfaction, doesn't it? That is because to master this flow is profoundly satisfying and fulfilling. And the good news is, that no one, and nothing, is ever left out of this equation for creation, except by their own efforts. As much as anyone who includes themselves in this abundant life, is also so invited to participate by their own permission as well.

If you think about it, if there is something in your life, a space that you desire to fill up with a particular thing so that you can enjoy the experience of it, say more money, or a new career, or an increase in your awareness, it could be a new relationship, or simply to be at peace, or satisfied, then if you have not yet experienced it yet, if you do not have it yet, then that item is in the realm of the "unknown" to you. It's "non-ordinary" reality for you, simply for the fact that you do not have it yet. But here's the catch, it's still reality for you, because either you believe you can have it, or you believe you can't! Reality, because if you believe you can't have something, you first have to believe it exists, so then it can be denied to you! Yet if it exists, if you but ask the one question that all successful people I have ever known always ask when confronted with a challenge, then your statistical advantage toward success goes way up, and that question is "In order to have what I want, what do I need to learn?" This one question has propelled more people into satisfying and fulfilling lives than any other one, bar none. So, in order for you to have what you want in your life, what do you need to learn? I know I need to learn a lot!

But that's the good news. Because if there is a path from the unknown to the known, and there is, and if many before you have traveled this path, then the way is clear for your success, in whatever way whatsoever you desire that success to come in. And the mistakes and failures of those who have proceeded you, of which there are many, will only brighten your way and make the journey that much easier as you go, standing on the shoulder of giants. Because one of the things that you just may need to learn, is how to make your way as flowingly smooth as possible. Notice that flowing is not the word "easy" because when you are in the rapids zipping around rocks, that's not an easy journey, but it can be one that flows perfectly. Life is no different. We can be moving rapidly toward many obstacles, but when we are in the flow, we go around them, we don't insert ourselves into them. And this smooth flowing may just be another thing we need to learn how to do in order to get what we want.

And we can! Because is there has ever been or ever will be, anything anywhere that anyone has ever learned, or ever will, then so can you. That's what it means to be human. And, that's also what it means to be receptive to allowing that which is unknown, to flow into you and through your unique interpretation system, and so then become part of the known. In this way, whatever success you have, becomes the success of the whole world, and your definitive contribution back to life itself. This is what in A Course In Shamanism we call to live within a totally inclusive world view, where no one, and nothing is ever left out of it. If it exists, if it's ordinary or non-ordinary, if it's known, or unknown, then the invitation then is to use it to your good. What greater gift to existence is there, regardless of what you believe that existence means, is, came from, or is going to, than to take its offered gifts regardless of what they are, and then to use them for the purpose of your ever-expanding awareness and unconditional love? And the best thing about this unknown to known process, and the holding of it all within a totally inclusive world view, is that to so be gifting back the gifts you have been given, is to continually be generating the most profound state of being possible for us to be in as humans being: awe. You go!