The Heart-Breaking Ego Belief

Tom Wright

Many brilliant theorists, philosophers, self-help gurus, and psychiatrists, often speak of the "ego" as if "it" were something other than what it is: an illusion. An illusion is something that is real, but temporary. What we refer to as the ego has no permanent existence, any more than our bodies do. Anything that has no permanence, therefore, can be changed. Yet before anything can be changed, we have to first realize what it is. What, then, is "the ego."

Since there are only two states of being that a human can be in, that of being aware of, or that of being unaware of, anything, we often blame the ego for being the force behind all manner of negative actions that human beings undertake. We say that our "unconscious" mind motivates our anger, or fear. We state that it is our ego that is responsible for our hatred and prejudice. War, for instance, is a construction of the ego we say, and then we believe that "if only" we could give our ego drives up, we would no longer wage war. Or wage any other manner of negative and destructive actions against any other living being whatsoever, ourselves included. And yet the ego does not exist.

The only things that exist for us, in reality, are the two states of being of human beings: that of being aware of, and that of being unaware of. With the point being that when we become aware of, we no longer. We no longer hate, we no longer undertake destructive activities, thoughts, or feelings, waging war against either other living beings, or ourselves. We give up that internal war that beats the hell out of us constantly with doubts, fears, and hatred. Or rather, beats the hell into us. Because it is hell to live with that constant companion voice that tells us that we are something other than who and what we really are: Source Itself. The eternal truth is that we are all entirely made of God, and yet not one of us is made of all of God. We are powerful beyond measure, spiritual beings of light living lives within a material body. And this natural power we possess, is something we fear more than anything else. So much so, that we have even invented "egos" that are driven by fear, and in the blaming of the "ego" itself, we give away responsibility for our actions, our thoughts, and our feelings, all of which are ours. All of which we have complete and utter control over, control that what we call the ego does not have. Not unless we give that control away to "it."

This power is one of creation. The ability to create experience through the summoning of it. From rocks to rabbits. We so summon through our literal "vibration" or, state of being. Love summons more love. Hate summons more hate. And silence summons something that can only be called the experience of oneness. It's a fascinating experience to immerse yourself within inner silence for a long enough time period, and truly to experience this oneness we have with all living things, including the Earth. The sacred Earth. Our only home. This is the customarily ignored, and so unexperienced connecting as our True Selves that I have so often heard of and yet had not until recently experienced myself. Intellectually, perhaps, but not in the gut. And in the gut, in our sensate feelings, lay a key to connecting as the source of our true power beyond any other awareness indicator we possess. And there is not one of us who does not hold this key within their very hearts.

In our society so bent on demanding the dominance of what are called ego dominated thoughts, beliefs, and actions, it is no accident that heart disease is the number one killer. In simple terms, what we call the actions of the ego are not derived from a connection to the heart, and in its loneliness and isolation our hearts often break. Diseases of the body are simply like the warning lights on your dashboard, indications of something else wrong other than the warning light. In fact, it's the warning light that's working perfectly! When we allopathically medicate that warning, or symptom, we are serving to commit suicide, heartbroken over our own needless disconnection with all living beings, most of all up to and including ourselves. Our unawareness demands such disconnection as a justification mechanism for all manner of heinous actions we carry out in the name of whatever we name our justifications as, again, up to and including the primary representation of unawareness we call war.

The solution then, to our evolution and survival, is awareness. If our self-destructive actions are carried out through being unaware of our connection as oneness as an integral part of The All That Is, then it is awareness that will support us in regaining that connection. Once gained, the sheer satisfaction and huge sense of purpose that then drives the passionate actions of an enlightened human being always serve all of humanity, the sacred Earth, and all those beings who live in communion around us. This realization is the literal living within a Paradise upon Earth, because Earth truly is that Paradise right now.

With the primary mission statement necessary for such growth into beauty and power being that for all that we be, all that we do, and all that we have, to make the definitive declaration that the driving force behind all our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions, is me. Period, bar nothing, this is it. Not the illusion of an ego, not even unawareness, or unconsciousness, but me. For whatever I am who has the power to control that which I think, believe, feel, and then act out, it is me and me alone, who determines those thoughts, those beliefs, those feelings, and then finally, the actions that come out of all these motivating factors. Me! And, it is my sacred responsibility to become aware of as many of these elements and the needs behind them as I can be aware of. Once we so become simply willing to be the stewards of our own sacred and powerful ability to be aware, we will no longer "blame" anything for the state our world is in, but rather, we will determine what state of being it is not only in right now, but as well, the state of being that it will grow into. We will do this because such growth is the hard wired reality of who and what we are driven to naturally be as human beings. To resist this truth regarding our True Self, to deny it, to blame our actions contrary to this growth on the "ego" is to deny who and what we really are, or, to literally "break our hearts."

One note: enlightened beings are simply those who have managed through the natural and necessary evolutionary growth that we are all a part of, and that we are all in this moment, and in all moments, going through, to give up the predominate mass of illusory beliefs we have all been so thoroughly indoctrinated into taking on like "weights" (hence the 'lightening up' or 'enlighentment' description that comes with the letting go of these destructive weights.) Weights that we have taken on through the means of our compulsory "educations" that are forced into us at the literal point of a gun, and from our peers, our families, our news reports, our religions, our governments, and our contemporary society with its force of energy devoted to the maintenance and caretaking of the illusion of the permanent existence of an "ego" that must have the spoils of its wars with both itself, and with other living beings. Even if one of those spoils is the literal life and health of the hearts we have within our very own bodies.