Our Earth Connection

The primary source of our energy is the Earth. What else do we have? Just consider for a moment, life without the Earth. Where would you stand? What water would you drink? What food could you grow? And the small fantasies of living on space ships that do not exist do little to mitigate the blatant fact, that without the Earth, we are nothing. How could it be any other way? Point is, it cannot be.

It is exactly this primary connection to Earth that modern man and his desire to dominate and control all things so ignores, that is so essential in shamanism. If you truly desire to reach your inner peace, to practice the most effectively, all of the outlined energy practices including distant viewing, or shape shifting, you have to first connect with the Earth energetically, totally, and completely. There are many means for doing this, with the most effective one being as always, the one you resonate with.

Do you hike often? Do you lay down with your back to the ground and ask Earth to take away your disconnection? To take away your negative energy you have accumulated by being around others who also generate this disconnected energy? Do this. To "get in touch" with Earth power, is to do that, literally. Start getting in touch with the ground, the Earth. When you do this you will find that synchronicity, personal power, and miraculous seeming non-ordinary events will begin to take place, all without your having to force or push them along. In fact, the less you do that forcing, the more powerful these experiences will be.

In fact, all of our power comes from Earth. Where else did you think our energy and awareness came from? What else is there?

Earth is alive, aware, and a whole and complete sentient being, so vast compared to any one of us and our often inflated egos about either our effect or our importance in the Universe to anything but only ourselves, that we lose this primary connection to what, in all ways, literally feeds us.

But when you give yourself permission to connect to Earth, life takes on the character of a calm centeredness that has to be actually experienced to be believed, and then even after experiencing it, we still have to constantly practice, strive, and intend to reconnect again and again, because our modern society has a great influential power to drive us toward an insane craziness filled with fear, doubt, and outright paranoia, that unless you live on the top of a remote mountain, is hard to ignore. But it is possible to completely mitigate the effects of this surrounding societal energy through our deliberate connecting to Earth.

And in the all inclusive world of The Steel Shaman, there really isn't a "connecting to" to do, as much as there is a "connecting as" that uncovers our "experience of" so that we can reveal in our experiential actuality, what already exists. Our connection as part of Earth is already in existence, in place, and is what allows us to be alive in the first place.

This is what the rain shaman does when he calls in the rain. He doesn't "ask for" as much as "connect as" the rain, and in doing so, feels that energy down from the sky so that what is already true can manifest. He doesn't "make it rain" he merely "connects as the rain" and since our one human characteristic that makes us different from all other creatures (organic ones at least) is our desire to ask, then the rain comes from our asking. And we all have this innate, inherent, all encompassing ability to be this asking, and so receive. All of us do, with no one, and nothing, left out.

Once we are at the feeling place of connection as Earth, then anything, and I do mean literally, anything, is possible. Energy is energy, and when we ask Universal Energy for the revelation of something, it always has the possibility of manifesting, the timing of which is of course dependent upon our own beliefs, faith, and resistance, in and to this whole very natural process. Belief in infinite possibility, faith in ourselves and Earth Source, and the giving up of resistance to Truth.

Make no mistake about it, in our domination and control oriented society, there are manifold energies that would have you believe otherwise. Because if you do believe what these energies would have you believe in, if you do succumb to "authorities" on a million different subjects, especially with regard to what's happening within your own body, you then become very susceptible to domination and control. Who else but you knows what your body needs? Except of course, when you are not in touch with your feelings and living in the moment within your very own body. Or when you are distracted by empty pharmaceutical promises of a healthier life, one that can manifest right now through diet, thought, belief, and self-love, none of which can be paid for in cash, or manufactured in a drug, but can only happen with the most valuable and precious commodity you will ever possess: your own time.

So the invitation is to give yourself that time. Give your time to yourself. Connect as Earth. Feel the energy and power that comes from the only Source of our life, our food, our energy, and our pleasure. It will be the greatest gift you will ever receive, and the most truly experientially rich one you could ever conceive of. Let go, and let Source. This connection as comes without words, and only with deep and subtle feelings that you must practice paying attention to. At first the illusion looks like you are having to "give up" something in order to accomplish this connection, but in truth you give up nothing in this practice, and gain literally, the whole world. And the good news is that you can do this at any time, in any place, anywhere, because where is it you have ever been, except . . . on Earth!

Modern man believes in big effects. Nuclear explosions, The Big Bang, faster cars and more potent drugs. But more potent drugs are simply deadlier poisons, as much as more potent pesticides become deadlier and deadlier, to humans as well as insects. Something designed to kill, will. It stands to reason then, that our protection of The Earth is not some quaint 'tree-hugging' practice, but rather, without fanfare, hype, or media blitzing, how we, as a race, the human one, will survive. Thing is, it's how we have always survived. It's ironic, but when the oil runs out,the pesticides fail along with the antibiotics, and the electricity gets turned off, who will then inherit the Earth? The meek. Those 'primitives' who have remained in contact with their Earth connection. Think about that for a while.

Yet living a life connected as Earth is hugely rewarding and fulfilling. To live more and more in rhythm with the cycles of the sun and the moon, to live being touched by the rain, uncomforted in pain and in pleasure, is to live a highly satisfying life. It's an interesting observation that those who live in the moment, more 'primitively' than those who live in highly technological societies, smile and laugh a lot more. And people in those high tech societies invariably say it's because they 'don't have anything and so don't know better." Don't know better to not smile? They are happy because 'they don't have much?' Wow. Think about that one for a while as well. Perhaps it's because they already have it all, and that all comes from the only place it can come from, the Earth.

We don't have to give up anything to live as our connection to Earth either. This isn't an 'either or' choice, but a living, breathing, in each moment choice. I love my computer, and don't want to give that up. The ease with which I can write all day long is incredible, and if I focus on what I do, the writing that comes from such an effort can all be of good quality.

Rather that excluding choices, and 'giving up' things, in an inclusive world, the world of The Steel Shaman, each aspect of any life or possibility within that life, is examined, and all that is good is practiced. There is as much good in the technological world as there is in the Earth based 'primitive' world, and it is only in the blending of the two practices, where true love, compassion, and satisfaction exists.

This would mean that the judgmental process that usually overtakes us is given up, and our Earth connection embraced, regardless of where we live, or what we are doing. This is the 'us and us' mentality, rather than the self-defeating 'us and them' mentality. This Earth connection is about honoring all lives, as being equally valid and purposeful as any other, much as every single grain of sand on Earth is as important as any other one. Which one is unnecessary? If you think about it, not one of them is, any more than any one of our lives. There is a reason, there is a purpose, and there is a higher good within each one of our Earth connection efforts.

Your efforts to re-establish your personal connection grounded as Earth therefore, are key to not only your own satisfaction, but to the health and very survival of the one race that exists on this planet: the human one.