Shamanistic Consulting

If you desire shamanistic consulting for healing, or consulting regarding a problem in your life you would like guidance on, please use the online contact form: Online Contact Form

There is a value in moving forward, because that's the only way to get unstuck. But how do we do that? There are many ways, with one of the best ways being to seek support in the form of another, someone who actually talks to you and coaches you to move on toward your goals. If you think about it, personal coaching is the traditional way we get unstuck. Mentors, advisors, coaches, and guides, all speak to us and in doing so, something is triggered in our energy that would not have been sparked without that coaching. Personal consulting with Tom always produces a breakthrough, every time. You get to choose where you would like that breakthrough, and then work toward that goal. Consulting can be done either by phone, or through email, whichever you prefer. Your voice, your choice.

A word about Tom Wright and the A Course In Shamanism approach to consulting. Tom believes that we all have access to the solutions we desire, in order to live the lives we want to live, and for clearing up the difficulties we are sometimes immersed within. With "access" being the operative word. When we are in shock, in pain, or under stress, that's the time when guidance supports us the most, because that's when we are closing our access to The All That Is, the most. A true shaman will read into where a person is coming from, and gently guide them from there. What your style of effective clearing is, or what works best to get your energy flowing again, is different for everybody. There is no "cure all" way, only the way that works best with you. The only requirement on your part is to be willing to have a solution come to you. And it is in your willingness to break through that which has you stuck, regardless of what that block is, that will allow you access to your maximum personal power.