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The One Penny Millionaire!(tm)

"Twenty-five years ago I was a builder whose homes had been sought out for articles in Good Housekeeping, and Better Homes And Gardens. I was restoring homes, buying up properties to fix up and make money on. I had a beautiful wife, a five bedroom colonial on four acres, and I lived in Madison Ct., where there was a huge country club, and tree lined streets. I bought my wife a gold Mercedes, and gave her twenty-five thousand dollars worth of jewelry in one year because I loved her so much. And then all of a sudden the market stopped growing. Even though I tried to stave off the inevitable with second mortgages, borrowing more money, and reducing the price of my properties, there was nothing I could do to move them. The market had dropped, and all the properties I was caught holding were worth half what they were worth just six months before when I had bought them. With no option left, and no way to pay back the money I had borrowed, I was forced by circumstances beyond my control to call it quits. My marriage that did not survive this ordeal, the shame of having to start my life over with less than nothing, the local creditors who I had to look in the face and say that I had nothing to give them anymore, were all beyond embarrassing. I even had to put my own home in foreclosure in a desperate attempt to pay the money back. When all that did not work, I was forced to admit that I had failed. That was when I vowed that I would learn some way to keep from ever having to go through that again, and after twenty-five years of studying breakthrough work, and then applying it every day to myself, I finally discovered the internal keys to what it takes to be successful and then even more importantly, to sustain that success. That gift is what this work is all about." Tom Wright, Coursework Creator of The One Penny Millionaire!™

“I always like to experience my guest’s service before I bring them on my radio show. When Tom Wright gave me the affirmation “I am getting richer and richer all the time," I was very excited when I starting attracting abundance in different areas of my life. Within hours I started finding money in unexpected places. Within 1 day, I attracted a gift of 2 love seats for my family room. Two weeks later, I attracted going on national TV, I attracted becoming a chapter in someone’s upcoming book, I attracted being mentored by a TV producer to have my own national TV show, and I attracted getting national exposure in a Canadian health magazine. Tom is a gift to many people. This is a man who walks his talk, and knows his stuff! Keep up the great work you do Tom.” – Sue London, Radio Host, Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master


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"I had a serious 'fear block' in my subconscious for three years. When I worked with Tom Wright it only took one experience to release that fear. This single process from his seminar "The One Penny Millionaire!™" enabled me to regain my balance in life. By releasing that fear the same energy has allowed me to go forward in 'leaps and bounds' where the blockage once kept me in a state of 'indecision' to go forward. One guidance session with Tom has drastically changed my time schedule-I have more of it. I don't waste time worrying about futile things." Angela Clarke, Drums Lead Studios/author, Band Together.

"I was standing in front of the phone, thinking about my mother just one more time. I hadn't called or heard from her in over thirty-four years. And then I thought of what was said in How To Change Your Life Completely In Ten Seconds, and decided right then and there to see if applying those things would somehow work. Well, to make a long story short, I did pick up that phone, and I did set up a meeting with my mother, and I've never felt better about things in my whole life." Cindy Merriweather, One Penny Millionaire!™ participant.

"Through simply taking the end goal of what I'd always used The Achievement Process for, but didn't even know it, and then changing that goal on purpose, now that I could finally see what I had been doing, so many things changed for the better for me." S. Cox, One Penny Millionaire!™ participant.

"I simply could not believe how simple using The Disappearance Process was. I used it to disappear something that had been blocking me from moving on for a long time. All of a sudden, it was gone." Linda G., One Penny Millionaire!™ participant.

Transformational Technology From The Heart!

You get your breakthrough or you get your money back.

"The One Penny Millionaire!™ was, and is, always there for me at just the right times, with a care and presence that seems to know just what I need to help me help myself. There were many times when I just didn't know what to do, except to do the suggested tasks each week and for that I will be forever grateful. The love, integrity, and wisdom, that Tom has put into the work, continues to have a profound influence on my life, even through some of the most harrowing times I've ever been through. From the bottom of my heart, thank you my friend." Peter Elgie, Educator.

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"Producing results without love is called achievement, and achievement produces no satisfaction. Producing results with love is called success, which is at the core of true wealth, and it is satisfaction itself. Here's to your ever-expanding success. This is what Wealth with heart© is all about.

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"Success isn't what comes to you, it's what comes out of you."

Tom Wright

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